Experience a exciting learning and discovery program this summer with “The St. Nicholas Young Global Leaders Program”!

The St. Nicholas Young Global Leaders (NYGL) is a highly selective academic leadership program for high school students from Vietnam. The program brings together students with the talent, drive, energy, and ideas to make meaningful impacts as young leaders, even before they begin university studies. NYGL is open to students, typically between ages 14 and 17, in Vietnam grades 9, 10 and 11 (or international equivalents) at the time of applying (by May 30, 2019).

Students will attend a four-week academic leadership program in annual July. Students in the program can expect to:

  • Hone their abilities to think critically and flexibly
  • Engage productively with a diverse group of peers
  • Explore new and exciting ideas
  • Meet distinguished scholars and researchers
  • Develop key communication skills

To keep the focus on true learning, the program is non-credit granting, and students do not receive grades, marks, or quantitative evaluations of their work.

Admitted students will be trained in creative thinking, knowledge and necessary skills in the following subjects: research, teamwork, presentation, communication, problem solving, TED rhetoric, Performing Arts, STEM …

In particular, Admitted students will be trained foundation leadership knowledge and skills through 7 key sessions:

  • Applied Science and Engineering
  • Asia in 21st Century
  • Politics, Laws and Economics
  • Frontiers of Science and Technology
  • History, Humanities and Futurism
  • International Affairs and Globalizations
  • Sustainable Development and Social Economics

These sessions will be taught by excellent teachers and experts, which will help students to improve their knowledge and develop their skills more comprehensively.

Beside that, students also participate in many interesting outdoor activities such as teambuilding, beach sports, camping, hiking, ect. at popular locations in Da Nang, Hoi An and Hue city, enjoy a peaceful relaxation at seaside resorts and at the City Campus of St.Nicholas International School with teammates from different countries. Extra-curricular activities such as visit organizations, companies in the cities are also alternated with academic training and camping, that bring the most attractive, useful and colorful summer camp for students.

About the program
• Candidate: Students in grade 9 through grade 12 (ages 14 to 17)
• Duration: July 1 – 29, 2019
• Tuition fees: Refer to tuition fees at HERE
• Registration date: Jan 1, 2019 – May 30, 2019

For additional information, visit stnicholassumer.org or contact us here:
The St. Nicholas International School
• A: 458 Nguyen Huu Tho Ave, Da Nang city
• T: Hotline: | (+84) 236 3708 353 | (+84) 931 972 972
• E: admissions@stnicholassummer.org
• W: www.stnicholasssummer.org