Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum ties together all NYGL sessions and is the foundation of the academic program at NYGL. Students work with a different group of peers within each of these different learning contexts, which allows for a wide range of peer-to-peer interaction within each session.

Lectures: Hear from accomplished St. Nicholas faculty and leading experts about the most important and relevant topics in their fields.

Breakout Sessions: Dig deeper into lecture content by sharing knowledge, posing questions, and brainstorming real-world implications with a small group of peers.

Seminars: Pursue your passion or find a new one through the unique and exciting seminars offered each summer.

TED Talk series: Share your stories, ideas and show your voice to NYGL community.

Shark Tank Model: A chance to share your business project or a part of your business

Skill Training Sessions: A range of training courses and sessions designed to build confidence, teamwork, championship, critical thinking, develop social skills and achieve their potential for interested learners to develop for their future.