History, Humanities & Futurism (HHF)

History, Humanities and Fururism(HHF) is designed to help young leaders gain a deep understanding of the rapidly-changing facors that govern the world today in both expected and unexpected ways, ultimately transforming the world in the way we can predict the worst scenario for not just today and the future and even far beyond.

Lessons learnt from history with lights shed onto from a wide range of humanties subjects: psychology, sociology,philosophy, culture, geopolitics and even aethestics will usher participants into horizons of aspects fuelled by critical thinking and self-doubt.

HHF is a great fit if you are intrigued by any of the following (or related) questions:

  • What strategies can be implemented to redress the balance that has gone from the past?
  • How do population demographics (aging population, rise of a new middle class, etc.) impact economic growth?
  • Is the current world order outdated and obsolete and a new one has been an embryo? Is the third WW on the threshold of just this century?
  • How might countries in Asia cooperate despite geopolitical differences to promote their own national agendas?
  • What are some innovative ideas and technologies that have originated in Asia and how might they influence the rest of the world?