Frontiers Of Science & Technologies (FST)

The Frontiers of Science & Technology session (FST) explores innovative developments at the forefront of science and technology. Students examine cutting edge research to better understand underlying scientific principles, consider ethical challenges or limitations in practical applications, and analyze impacts on society. Topics may include artificial intelligence, gene editing, big data, cyber security, and renewable energy.

This session gives students the tools to translate between technical knowledge and in-practice implications. Students are exposed to a wide array of topics with far-reaching scientific, policy, and societal impacts, and are challenged to seamlessly move between these interdisciplinary approaches.

FST is a great fit if you are intrigued by any of the following (or related) questions:

  • If feasible, should we edit human genomes? How could this be used and what impact would this have on society?Can cloning be a comedy or a tragedy to human beings?
  • How is your information used on the internet, and what levels of privacy and security should be expected? Is Facebook is an example set for human privacy violation case?
  • Should artificial intelligence be used to solve human problems? What makes human intelligence different from artificial intelligence?
  • How efficient are renewable energy resources, and what are the limitations towards using renewable energy technologies in developing nations? Motor cars in any way and any forms are of no future at all?