Due to the intensive nature of each session, we require that each participant commit to the entire duration of the session.

No. Our philosophy is to provide a unique opportunity for high achieving students to learn without the pressure of grades and quantitative evaluations; however, our instructors provide ample student feedback during the program. Some individual high schools provide acknowledgement or credit to students participating in the program, so we do provide students who successfully complete all parts of the NYGL session in which they enroll with a certification of completion.

Admission to each session of the program is very selective; for summer 2018, NYGL accepted 100% of applicants for all seven sessions. While there is no competitive advantage to applying early, we encourage you to submit application materials as early as they are available to ensure that your application is complete by May 30, 2019.

No. All applications will be reviewed at the same time after May 30, 2019

All applicants will receive an email with final admission decisions by early June.

We no longer have an early application deadline for the program. Applications are due on May 30, 2019, and applicants will be notified of decisions by early June.

Yes, and if you are placed on the wait list, you will be notified of that fact when admissions decisions are released. Due to the very high percentage of admitted students who matriculate into the program, NYGL will admit the exact number of students as there are spaces available in each session. If and when any admitted students decide not to attend the program, we will admit applicants from the wait list; however, we cannot predict how many students may be offered admission from the wait list.

You do not need to do anything! We have all of the information from you that we need. However, we will ask you at regular intervals if you would still wish to remain on the wait list, and you may remove yourself from our wait list at any time. Because students are occasionally unable to attend the program for emergency reasons, we may accept students off the wait list just days before a session begins.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept day students or commuter option. All admitted students participate in the program as full-time boarding students.


Yes. The NYGL program is open to students, typically between the ages of 14 to 17, who must be in Grade 9 to US Grade 12 (or the international equivalent) at the time of application. NYGL accepts applicants from ALL countries.

The NYGL program is for high school students only, and we currently do not run any programs for undergraduate students.

I am currently a sophomore, but I skipped a grade, so I am a year younger than my classmates. Can I still apply to the program?
Please contact us with the details of your situation.

Yes, as long as you are otherwise eligible, it is possible to participate in two different sessions of NYGL, one as a rising junior and another as a rising senior. Admission is not automatic for previous participants, however.

We certainly encourage students who have continued to grow as leaders, achieve academically, and develop further interests in areas related to topics covered in NYGL to reapply to the program.


Please try to access the application with a different internet browser and/or a different computer. Also be sure that cookies are turned on, and JavaScript is enabled. If you continue to have problems, contact us with a detailed description of the program, including your country location.

A school report is a school transcript, which should include a list of classes and grades. GPA and class rank are usually included on the transcript if those are calculated by the school. (Not all schools calculate GPA or rank.) You should input information for your school official responsible for distributing your transcript into the online application so that your school can directly upload the official version.

No. Although standardized test scores are often very useful in gauging an applicant’s academic achievement and potential, we understand that some students will not have standardized test scores available yet. However, we expect applicants who have received standardized test scores to report those scores to us.

We do not require official score reports from School Board. Please report your unofficial scores directly in the online application.

Generally no. Our program is an academic and leadership development experience, and we look primarily at your performance in academic classes and understand that different students have different strengths and talents beyond the classroom.

At least one of your letters of recommendation must be from a teacher in an academic subject. Your second letter of recommendation may be from another teacher, a guidance counselor, school principal or head, academic advisor, program leader, or mentor. If your first choice is a social science session, we strongly suggest that at least one of your recommendations comes from a teacher in history or the social sciences/studies. If your first choice session is one of the STEM-focused sessions, we strongly suggest that at least one of your recommendations comes from a science teacher, and so on for the humanities sessions. Letters of recommendation from parents, siblings, family friends, or paid private tutors/counselors are not acceptable.

No, please submit only two letters of recommendation.

Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we cannot process additional application materials (e.g. essays, visual media, published materials, photographs, etc.).

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications after the deadline has passed. If you remain eligible, we encourage you to apply for summer 2020.

Your homepage on will indicate your application status.

You must pay your application fee before you are able to submit your application. As long as your “Review” page has no errors, you may click the “Finalize and Pay” button and you will be taken to the payment gateway.

We accept Paypal from checking accounts at Vietnam banks as well as credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, CreditCard and American Express.

If you attempt to pay by credit card and it does not work, ensure that the name of the cardholder, billing address, card number, CVV security code, and expiration date are all accurate and all match. Also be sure you select the correct card type: Visa, MasterCard, CreditCard, or American Express. If you select the wrong card type, your payment will not go through. You should also contact your bank to ensure they allow payments to be made through our payment portal.

The payment gateway may not accept credit cards issued in certain countries. If you believe your country of residence might be preventing you from submitting the payment to us, please email us and we will figure out the best way for you to submit the application fee.

International Students

You must be able to do difficult, sustained academic work in English, including reading, writing, and speaking with a high level of fluency. For example, you need to be able to easily read a long article from a magazine such as The Economist and be able to discuss it easily with native English speakers. In addition, you need to be capable of writing an essay about the article so that your thoughts are clear, even if your grammar and spelling still have some mistakes.

You may arrive at our program one day early for a nominal additional fee, but unfortunately you cannot arrive earlier than that, nor can you leave later than the program’s last day. The St.Nicholas campus is very busy year-round, and we do not have additional housing. If you are accepted into the program, however, we encourage you to reach out to us directly so that we can guide you as you make hotel and transportation arrangements. Special circumstances (for religious reasons, etc.) may be granted.

Tuition includes health insurance coverage for all participants of the St.Nicholas Young Global Leaders Program.

If you hold a passport from a country in the Visa Waiver Program, you do not need a visa to attend NYGL. For list of countries in the Visa Waiver Program visit:

For others, because of our four-week format, students typically come on a B-1 Business Visitor visa for educational travel (a student visa is not required because the program is not credit-granting). It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the necessary visas and meet the requirements for entry into Vietnam, which you can review here:
. Our program can provide students with a letter for visa purposes, confirming students’ program acceptance and dates. We will send these letters to students who require them.

Living at Nicholas

You are expected to be present in the program for all scheduled activities and there is limited free time during each session. During free time, students may not leave campus on their own, and must be accompanied by an adult who is either an immediate family member, St.Nicholas faculty or staff member (such as a coach), or an individual who has permission from the student’s parents or legal guardians to escort the student off campus. Before leaving, the student and off-campus escort must sign-out with a member of the NYGL staff.

NYGL takes student safety and security very seriously and we provide students with 24/7 adult supervision. Students do have a nightly curfew, and must be inside the residential campus school gates by a certain time. Floor checks after 11pm are routine, and staff, including the Director of Residential Life, are accessible to participants at all hours. In order to maintain the safety of students at all times, we also have a program boundary that students may not move beyond without permission or staff escort. The boundary allows students access to most parts of the central St.Nicholas campus.

Yes. The school dining halls can cater to personal dietary needs due to allergy or religious observance, and also offer a variety of vegetarian/vegan meal offerings.

Unfortunately, the program is not accessible to individuals with physical disabilities.