Asian Studies (AS)

Asia in the 21st Century in Asian Studies (AS) is designed to help young leaders gain a deeper understanding of the fastest growing region in the world today. Participants analyze the conditions that have promoted or impeded growth and development in Asia and explore the unique social, political, and economic challenges that countries face as they continue to develop. At the international level, participants look closely at Asia’s increasing engagement with the rest of the world and its impact on the global political landscape.

AS is a great fit if you are intrigued by any of the following (or related) questions:

  • What strategies can be implemented to address inequalities that result from fast-paced development?
  • How do population demographics (aging population, rise of a new middle class, etc.) impact economic growth in Asia and around the world?
  • What are the environmental costs of development and how can countries minimize these costs while maintaining strong economic growth?
  • How might countries in Asia cooperate to promote their own national agendas?
  • What are some innovative ideas and technologies that have originated in Asia and how might they influence the rest of the world?
  • How could the War Trade between China and the US possibly affect the whole region?